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DIY Bridal Dog Leash

I’ve been trying to figure out how our dog Jubilee would look fabulous as our ring bearer in our wedding, and I finally came across a bridal dog leash by Free People. I was inspired by Free People’s styled shoot, and thankfully they provided a tutorial. And last night I made a bridal leash like it! My leash is a little different, but if you’re interested in seeing how theirs was made, you can view the tutorial here. For all brides that are considering including their pup in their big day, this is for you!

You’ll Need:

  • Rope Leash – I found mine from Etsy. I suggest to look for a rope leash made out of cotton or hemp. I went with a shorter length (4 feet) since we want to keep her close on the wedding day.
  • Glue gun – This is a must to secure all of your decorations.
  • Bendable wire – This will help secure larger items, like fake flowers.
  • Gold cording – You can wrap this along the leash as much as you’d like. Start by making a knot, wrap it around the leash in your focus area, and then end by securing with hot glue.
  • Floss string – Pick a color that you love! I went with a bright ombre pink. Tip: This is the stuff you made friendship bracelets with in elementary school.
  • Fake flowers  – I found a single stem (peony) and a cluster of pink flowers. I searched the clearance section of Michaels and got pretty lucky! Keep an open mind and explore different colors. You will need to trim the stems to your liking, secure them with bendable wire and glue gun, and then wrap with your cording or string (just my preference to hide the wire).
  • Green leaves – Instead of cutting leaves off of fake flowers, it was super easy to use individual leaves with the stem as a wire. This was found in the wedding section of Michaels to build boutonnieres. I stuck each leaf through the cotton rope and secured it by wrapping it around. It was cheaper to do it this way, too.



If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask and email me at I found all of my materials, beside the leash, at my local Michaels. Happy crafting!



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